What's the difference between an Interior Decorator and an Interior Designer?
– An interior designer helps clients pick out colors and materials for the permanent items in the home. Examples: Colors for walls, cabinet style, location of bathtub, type of flooring, backsplash designs, etc.
– An interior decorator will help a client decide the furniture to purchase, rearrange current pieces, add a table or floor lamps, suggest art work for walls, etc.
What if I change my mind about the design?
Our goal is to help you find what you are going to love. We help with the design and can always change options as we go. We will help reign you in, if you come up with a wild idea like painting the whole house lime green, but also can help you change materials mid-renovation. You are our client and our primary goal will always be your satisfaction with the end result.
How long will it take?
This is a difficult one to answer! There are jobs that we can finish up in a week, and larger ones that will take several weeks or months. We will have open conversations with you to try to do our very best to ensure the jobs are completed efficiently and within a timeline that we agree on.
Do you do plumbing? Electrical? HVAC?
Yes to all of the above.
What if my project isn't local? What if I'm not local?
If you are looking for design only, we are happy to help you with this. Any remodeling will need to be in the Greater Rochester area.
Are you insured?
Absolutely! One of our owners is also an insurance agent…so we probably have too much coverage!
I'm handy with a hammer / color swatches / geometry - are you hiring?
We are always looking for reliable team members. If you are interested in joining our team please email your resume to hello@reimaginerenovation.com