Renovated staircase by Reimagine Renovation
At Reimagine Renovation we work with clients in different ways. Need someone to do everything from design to build? We can do that. Want something a little more customized? We can do that too!

At Reimagine Renovation, we pride ourselves on our flexibility and adaptability – and that includes the various options we offer to our customers. We offer services for a range of budgets, so whatever you need, we can find a way to help.

How We Work

As a client of Reimagine Renovation you will be working with our dedicated team of professionals from start to finish. From the design stage to the implementation of the project, our staff will be available to you for any question or concern.
Reimagine Renovation in process renovation photo
Reimagine Renovation before photo

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We offer the following service options:

The 360 Approach

Completely redesigned space with full 3D model, plus execution by our in-house contractors

We meet with you as many times as necessary to create a full redesign of your chosen space, including a fully 3D-modeled replication, complete with furniture and finishings. Our experienced professional contractors implement your design, including all the demolition, framing, electrical, plumbing, appliance installation, cleanup, and any other task along the way.

Reimagine Renovation renovated kitchen
Rendering of renovated kitchen Reimagine Renovation

The 2D Approach

Basic design plan / guide / summary, plus execution by our in-house contractors

Just like the 360 Approach, we execute the project with our pros, but this option comes at a lower cost because we provide a simpler 2D design plan. It works especially well for clients who are able to visualize the end result of the renovation without the aid of the 3D design.

Reimagine Renovation renovated kitchen with green door
Reimagine Renovation 2D rendering

The Streamlined Approach

Complete space redesign with full 3D model using your contractor, Includes materials list

Like the 360 Approach, but without the contractors. This option works really well if you already have someone in mind to do the work, but want help from our professional designers in developing your vision for the work. This option also works well if you want to spread out the expense – hire us first for the design, then come back later when you’re ready. We won’t miss a beat in getting our contractors scheduled for the work.

Reimagine Renovation 2D image of kitchen

The Budget Approach

Basic design consultation & recommendations for colors, finishes, etc., includes discovery session plus ~1-2 hours with our designers

This is our most cost-effective option. Our designers meet with you for an initial discovery session and offer up to 2 hours of follow-up consultation where we review popular design styles, complimentary color palettes, cost-effective finishings, and more.

This option is great if you’re ready for a change, but you need a little inspiration to help get you started.

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Reimagine Renovation design consultation with Megan
Color swatches and flooring samples Reimagine Renovation